How can I test your system with dummy data?

TIME Soft Solution has already integrated dummy data in one of its portal. To test our portal simply, go on demo link and get demo with complete features.

Can we make our own system for trial?

TIME Soft Solution always provides best to its customers. After testing our system with dummy data, you can also create your own by simply clicking on trial which is 1 month free. However, this data will not be available on your purchased version.

After purchasing paid version if your services are not according to commitment, do you return amount?

TIME Soft Solution always delivers your promises. In case if we are not providing you the services that promise, then you are liable to claim return of 100% paid amount within 1 month.

How much you cost for this software?

Our billing system based on your maximum fee charged and Maximum number of students. You can calculate your bill by simply clicking this link.

What is your billing method?

You can deposit on TIME Soft Solution’s mentioned accounts and WhatsApp us slip accordingly.

Can we change plan after purchasing?

You have option to purchase new Plan. Older amount will not be adjusted before expiry.

Is there any chance of data lose on your system?

TIME Soft Solution has very strong setup to secure and safe your data. We regularly backup your data in a very strong cloud base system. So, there are very few chances of data loss.

Can we request for customization of software?

TIME Soft Solution does not provide any customization. You have to use it in the same situations, but if there will be any error we will solve it within seven working days.

Does TIME Soft Solution is registered?

Yes, TIME Soft Solution is a registered firm in Pakistan with SECP.

How can we get learn about the working of your products features?

TIME Soft Solution provide Systematic user guide. You can also get tutorial videos on our YouTube channel.

Does your mobile app will show ads?

Our free version of app will contain ads however, you can purchase our ads free version as well.