Web Development

Web Developlment

Having team of professional, who think beyond the box and creative designers and developers we listen, we plan and we deliver. We cope almost all the area of development from e-commerce to web development services. We provide advance and creative web design that plays a significant role in building artistic design for website and online store with the help of experts that realize the importance of competitive advantage to nurture in the IT world.

School Management System

School Management System

School management is a system that helps the educational institute to run their functionality and system in a smooth way. With the help of this system management, faculty and students as well as the parents get notification about any announcement, events, decisions and daily activities on time. School management system designed to manage complete student data along with fee structure, promotions and all different activities that are performed in the school on daily basis.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

With the help of expert and professional team of digital marketers we help companies in development and growth of their business and making it possible for them to reach their product to the targeted audience. Through tactical and strategic planning that helps in attaining potential clients in the long run. We strongly believe that with the advance digital marketing strategies we boost the business as per the client demand and provide the customer oriented result.

Tlive Education

School & College Management System

student management

Student Management

TLive Education has the capability to store, retrieve, and use the student’s information in a simple and user-friendly way. Admission, contact list, and reports are generated in a simple and easy way.

Class Section Management System
Class, Section & Subject Management

TLive Education has a unique class and subject management system, the classes and subjects are assigned and added in a very intelligent and efficient way. The admin can add classes and sections of students through the most advanced method without any hassle.

Exam Management System
Exam Management

The principal generates the Date sheets with respect to each class and section. The roll number slips will be generated against each student with name, photo, class, subjects and exam date. The exam will be generated and after that, results will be generated.

Attendance Management System
Attendance Management

TLive Education has an efficient and easy attendance management system for attendance purposes. The class teacher will announce the attendance of each student. In the attendance management system, there are five options that contain present, absent, leave, short leave (early leave), and late coming.

Fee Management System
Fee Management

TLive Education has one of the best fee management system, which has a family-based fee challan. TLive Education sends only one challan per family, suppose there two brothers in two different classes or maybe the same so there will be only one challan for them.

Multi Campus System
Multi-campus Management

Through TLive Education, the director can access multiple campuses. The multi-campus management system has the functionality to store, retrieve, and use the data.

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